Visa Thailand, the retirement visa

 Visa Thailand / RetirementVisa Thailand / Retirement Visa
If you wish to stay longer than 3 month, you already reach the age of 50 years and your living expenses are covered, the Retirement Visa will be the easiest solution for you.
The first step to get the retirement Visa Thailand is a 90 day non-immigrant visa which you can get at a Thai Embassy in your home country. Once you are in Thailand this can be extended to one year. It is also possible to convert a tourist visa inside Thailand but it can take up to 2 months for the conversion process.

The Requirements for a Non-Immigrant Retirement Visa are:
• Min. 50 years old of age
• Passport (at least 1 year remaining until expiration)
• Holding the nationality or permanent residence of country of application
• Thailand Bank Book (original) and confirming letter from your Thai Bank
(The account has to show a min. of THB 800,000 or a monthly income of at least THB 65,000)
• Non-Immigrant Visa
• Departure Card TM.6
• Medical Certificate (health exam administered by doctor at first class hospital)
To receive your Retirement Visa Thailand, you must appear in person with the above mentioned documents and sign the visa paperwork in the presence of the Immigration staff. The Immigrant staff puts a stamp in the passport at the time of approval.
The retirement visa is valid  for one year and can always be renewed as long as the requirements are still in place. You are not allowed to work on this type of visa. You have to verify your current address every 90 days at the Immigration.

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