Pattaya Beach

Pattaya BeachPattaya Beach
 is defined by Wong Amat Beach in the north, which is accessed from Naklua; and in the southern end by the Buddha Hill headland that separates Pattaya Bay from Jomtien, and several smaller beaches. Pattaya Beach is full of life, almost 3 km long and runs along the city centre bordered by Beach Road. Due to its central location and proximity to lots of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, and because it’s a relatively narrow strip of sand, it’s often crowded. Pattaya beach is  jam-packed with recliners and umbrellas ,usually with an “in-house” supply of drinks, serviced by an army of laid-back but tenacious hawkers offering anything and everything from seafood, fruits and ice cream, to massage, manicure, tattoos, lottery tickets, newspapers, herbs, flowers, etc. Hefty fines for littering help keep the sand neat and tidy; however the sea is not so clean around here.

Jomtien Beach
is more popular among family vacationers, is on the southern part of the city, and separated from the main Pattaya Bay by Buddha hill. Jomtien is more calm and serene compared to the crowded Pattaya Beach and a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Jomtien is also popular for its amusement park and tower, to keep children entertained. Jomtien Beach is some 6 km long and is especially popular with Thai families enjoying day outings. Beach chairs are 30 baht/day, and there are countless places to eat, shop and stay just a few steps away on the opposite side of Jomtien Beach Rd. It is especially popular with Thai families enjoying a weekend or a day of.

Dongtan Beach
runs to the right of the police box at the very end of Thappraya Rd. While this area is frequented by mostly straight families, it also boasts perhaps the largest concentration of the GLBT (Gay/Lesbian)community beach-goers in Southeast Asia. A 265 m section of this beach, from Tui’s Place to Rabbit Resort  represents Pattaya’s only gay beach. The beach is divided into sections, each run by a separate vendor. Who likes it, can relax and meet with fellow gay travelers from around the world or with local expats, get a foot massage (about 300 baht for an hour), purchase all manner of DVDs and other paraphernalia from roving vendors, people watch, eat, drink, read, relax.

Wong Phrachan Beach
is ca. one km long, situated on the Northern part of the Pattaya Beach, and is a favorite among swimmers.

Naklua Beach
is immediately north of Pattaya Bay, with the Rachvate Cape separating the two. Naklua Beach, to the far north, is the main strip, with the smaller Crescent Moon Beach and then Palm Beach further south. Beyond them is Wong Amat Beach which occupies the northern end of Pattaya Bay, but is accessed from Naklua. All are generally cleaner and more suitable for quiet relaxation than Pattaya Beach.

Wong Phra Chan Beach
This small tranquil one kilometer beach is also on the northern side of Pattaya Bay. The serene atmosphere here is attractive to those longing for a complete rest and privacy.

Pattaya Beach
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