Chiang Mai Introduction

Chiang MaiThere is a reason, why Chiang Mai is one of the popular vacation spots in Thailand. If you have planned a vacation to Thailand, there’s no way you should miss visiting “Chiang Mai“, also known as “The rose of the North”. It is a travel destination famous for its splendor and charm that provide exceptionally memorable experience of culture, adventure and relaxation.

With so much to offer, visiting Chiang Mai can be an unforgettable experience for those looking for a peaceful vacation, with a bit of adventure and cultural endurance. Chiang Mai is full of temples, historical sites, museums and gardens. You can simply walk around and take a look of everything that comes across. Each and every corner of the city has a story to be told

A growing number of visitors are coming to Chiang Mai every year and they feel enchanted with its mesmerizing beauty. More than 300 Buddhist temples, but also nightlife, Thai festivals and an amazing range of options for shopping, there is not much you will miss here! Whether you are looking for an adventurous trip, sport activities or just recreation, Chiang Mai has offers for everyone. Once you reach this stunning place, get yourself pampered with fine cuisine, spa treatments, luxury accommodations, or simple get going with your trekking shoes and reach the mountains. Do whatever you like and how you like it! So what all you can do and what are the best places to visit in Chiang Mai? Let’s give you some hints to start and it will be easy for you to set your own plan or just be open, go there and let your holidays develop by themselves.

What to do in Chiang Mai
Wat Phra That is a great place to start. It is the city’s historical golden-gilded temple. Every minute you spent at this place will be worth your time.

It’s always fun to build up new cooking skills with your loved ones. There are numbers of cooking classes for Thai cooking especially designed for foreigners. You can master the art of Thai dishes that you, or your partner loves in a matter of a few hours through the guidance of experts. These skills are definitely a present you want to bring back from home from your holidays.

If you love shopping, then Chiang Mai is the right place to be. Its Night Bazaar is a great place to shop for handicrafts, silk, silverware, apparels, art and decorative items, accessories and many more. On the other hand, The Sunday Street Festival brings you close to the ancient Thai culture with hundreds of vendor’s dressed in traditional costumes to sell their stuff. Also, check out weekend Walking Markets for some high-end shopping. Bargaining is allowed here, so do not miss it!

If you are looking for some peaceful spiritual experience then it is highly recommended to participate in giving Alms to the monks. This activity takes place every day in the streets of the old town at dawn.

For those who look out for adventure, there is a lot to experience. There are many trekking sites and training centers that will take you through the dense forest, in a white water Kayak, atop an elephant’s back or Tarzan like at a rope high in the trees. For more adventurous experience visit Rim’s Tiger Kingdom. An ultimate tiger’s place at Mae, where you get a chance to play with full-grown Tigers or baby cats.

“When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Thailand is best known for massages and exclusive spa treatments. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, you are at one of the best places for the pleasure of traditional Thai massages. There are lots of choices for massage places throughout the city that you can choose from as per your budget


Places To Stay in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai offers a luxury class of hotels and accommodations. Some of the popular high-end hotels are for example The Four Seasons Resort, Dhara Devi, or the Mandarin Oriental. In Chiang Mai you are able to get top of the line luxurious places, if you like to spoil yourself a bit, or even better your partner.

For those who don’t want to spend much for accommodation it’s also possible to rent Chiang Mai property that provides a pleasant stay at a comfortable price. There are even some hotels with surprising good value for money. For example, “The Chedi”. The only thing that this accommodation lacks as compared to other highly expensive places is the scenic view. It is located at the center of some major attractions and just a few blocks away from the Night Bazaar.

There are numbers of other accommodation options such as the rental of a Chiang Mai House, a traditional Chiang Mai Villa, or a holiday rental of a luxurious Chiang Mai Real Estate from one of the Property agents in town.

Foods to Taste in Chiang Mai
You will maybe surprised to find out, but some of the good quality and extremely delicious varieties of food can be easily found at simple roadside vendors. The carts may not have facility like a five-star hotel, but the food you’ll get to eat here will depict the authentic culture and tradition of the place, which should not be missed. There is a large variety of food that Chiang Mai has to offer, with some of its local specialties. We would highly recommend you to try Khao soi. It is a typical northern style Thai dish that you’ll most probably like. However, if you are looking for some comfort dining, then there are a lot of traditional restaurant all around the city which are usually all worth a try.

Nightlife to Enjoy in Chiang Mai
If you’re looking to stay up and want to be active all night long, good news, there are numbers of bars, discotheques and live music venues that can be found all around the city. There are clubs for all kinds of music, ranging from electronic to reggae. If you like it, there is also, Loi Kroh Road, a central place of the city, well known for the Girls bars. If you are looking for good discos and pubs to dance, then visit Monkey Club or Mandalay

Best time to visit Chiang Mai
The best time to visit Chiang Mai is from November to May. This is the dry season with low humidity and moderate temperatures, which will help you to make most out of your stay. It is highly recommended to visit the city during Yi Peng Festival. This festival takes place in November every year, where people let hundreds of lanterns floating into the evening sky.

So if you were looking for an exotic Asian destination with lots of charm and history, then Chiang Mai could be the pick for your next vacation. It is the great destination for trekking and adventure, cultural and recreational activities!

Chiang Mai Introduction
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