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Khao Lak Thailand, A quick introduction

Khao Lak, what to expect

Khao Lak offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Fantastic nature with coconut palms, rubber trees, mountains, waterfalls, mangroves and the world-famous scuba paradise of the Similan Islands are at your choice. Divers, Surfers, Families, Couples, or Retirees, it seems that they all find their dream location. Khao Lak has maintained its charm apart from the spoild tourist places. 

Khao Lak, how to go there

Arrival: The most comfortable way to reach Khao Lak is to get to Phuket by airplane. Because Phuket is, through a bridge, connected with the mainland. The drive by car takes takes just about 1.5 hours, depending on the exact location of your stay. Taxis, mini busses, limousines and rental cars are available directly at the Airport. However, to arrange a pickup service from the Airport straight away with your rental booking, will make your live much easier especially after a long distance flight.

Khao Lak, natural beauty

Khao Lak is definitely one of the most attractive places in Thailand because it is still the tropical paradise of your dreams with unspoiled nature. Rainforests, hills, the crystal clear Andaman sea and almost 80km of dream beaches are attracting an increasing amount of travelers from all around the world. The Khao Lak governments issued some reasonable rules to keep the natural beauty of the region from being exploited as other regions are: So you won’t see any sun chairs on the beaches and no motor sports on the water. And you won’t see any high rise buildings. The most attractive regions were declaredas national parks, so the Similan Islands, the Khao Sok National Parks and even the nearby Lamru National Park.

Khao Lak, an opportunity

The real estate prices are still very reasonable compared to other common locations in Thailand and therefore it is the perfect time and place to invest at Khao Lak. The infrastructure is quite good, and some hundred Europeans already living around here. Especially the people, who made it their home, enjoy the friendliness of the local Thais and the relaxed way of life. You don’t have to wait until you get retired, there are several attractive shops and land for rent or buy and many opportunity to establish yourself a living  at an earlier time of live. For investors Khao Lak is the perfect place. There are still perfect beach front locations on offer, surrounded by beautiful nature. Creaks are streaming down from the mountains as a free source of fresh water for lush tropical gardens. And even the power backbone would be strong enough to guarantees for a professional hotel supply.

Climate at Khao Lak

The high season, with constant sunshine and temperatures around 33° is from November to April with a fresh breeze blowing from the sea. During the monsoon season from May to October, Khao Lak becomes mainly the place for the residents, and even if some restaurants and shops close temporarily, and the weather is bit inconsistent, the people who life in Khao Lak, love this season the most. Some rainy days provide lower temperatures and the welcomed sun screen of clouds is the perfect background to explore the area and get active in several kinds of sports.

Khao Lak, Good to know

Khao Lak has had strong media reflection during 2004 as the tsunami destroyed the beach areas. Even if the possibility of another tsunami is very low, a high scientific warning system has been built since that with earthquake recognition, SMS warnings, sea based sirens and sturdy Tsunami shelters at the beach areas. However, with all that prevention measures it is also good to keep in mind that during hundreds of years, there was never any tsunami before.

Khao Lak, Points of Interest:

Similan Islands:  A stay in Khao Lak absolutely calls for a snorkeling - or diving trip to the Similans. Khao Sok National Park: The second national park at the borders of Khao Lak offers original jungle experiences.

Khao Lak Beaches

The beaches are classified as nature reserve. Therefore, beach chairs and umbrellas, directly on the sand, are officially not permitted.

Bangsak Beach: Extensive, original beach with bright sand. The location is slightly secluded in the very north.

Pak Weep Beach: Fine Sandy Beach, some small shopping streets and condominiums start to create a village.

White Beach: The whitest and finest Beach with shimmering green-blue water which you can find in the whole area. There are only very few restaurants and small bars.

Pakarang Beach: Flat sloping fine white sandy beach with good bathing possibilities, also during the low season. At low tide, the water is drawn back far and invites for collecting shells. There is only one small centre with restaurants which are characteristic for the country.

Khuk Khak Beach: Miles long, scenic bay with Palm trees, as made for a beach holiday in a tropical environment. To Bang Niang it takes about 7 minutes to drive, but Khuk Khak itself has a gigantic potential to become the No 1 spot of the whole country. Investors open your eyes!

Bang Niang Beach: Almost 2 kilometers of golden yellow sand, barely stones or corals in the water, pure bathing fun. Small resorts and restaurants which are characteristic for the country offer a fitting framework program.

Nang Thong Beach: This beach is about 1.5 km long and, from a touristic point of view, relatively developed. A good variety of restaurants, bars and shops diversifies the daily routine at the beach. Some people call this town KhaoLak.

Sunset Beach: Located near the southern mountains. Extensive, nicely curved sand bay on which you can find big Seychelles like rocks and a fine collection of hotels.

Khao Lak South Beach: At this ca. 700 meter long beach section, you can find a handful of hotels. An infrastructure, which leaves nothing to be desired, has developed during the last years. In this place, shops and restaurants can be found in an increasing number.

Khao Lak - Properties
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